Arizona-based company partners-up to grow medical cannabis

Hancock and Harvest Dispensaries, an Arizona-based company, are partnering up to bring medical marijuana to Washington County in Maryland.

The partnership means the town will have a 5% stake in the company, but won’t have a say in their day-to-day operations.

That is because marijuana is still federally illegal.


However, by holding a 5% stake, Hancock will be the landlord of the space and receive rent from Harvest.

Hancock could also share in their profits.

To Hancock’s mayor Dan Murphy, it sounds like an ideal situation. However, as of right now, they cannot move afurther.

Harvest Dispensaries and Hancock are experiencing one road bump after another on their path to bring medical marijuana to Washington County.

Potential employees, Hancock’s government and people in-need of specific medical attention are all on stand-by.


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