Get Your good Farm Operating and Profitable with Real Estate Expert Kendell Lang’s Unique REIT

With the rapid expansion of the industry, becoming a good farmer is no longer a vocation reserved for underground “green fingers”. Rather, it has become a mainstream occupation with some serious potential for revenue, provided operators can successfully get off the ground.

Real estate expert Kendell Lang, who has several decades of experience in the Life Sciences / Biotech industry, has set up a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) through which he’s offering the medical marijuana growing community the three unique services they need to become successful:

  1. Sale/leaseback agreements
  2. Build-to-suit grow facility design & interior tenant improvements
  3. Unique, energy efficient construction

Fusion Properties Management Group (FPMG) is the real estate management vehicle through which this REIT is offered to good. Real estate expert Kendell Lang talks to us about these unique services of which FPMG is one of extremely few corporations in the country to provide.

Sale/Leaseback Agreements

With most major U.S. banks and credit unions unwilling to service medical-marijuana businesses, access to capital (or lack thereof) is a pervasive industry problem. The answer to this is to turn to a REIT such as the one offered through FPMG, which offers to free up the capital growers have stuck in real estate and in the expensive tenant improvements that come with owning and running a controlled environment agriculture operation.

“We can perform a thorough assessment of your real estate and everything on it, including the facility and equipment, and make a purchase offer,” explains Kendell Lang. “We then make a detailed proposal of how we combine that all into one blended monthly lease rate. This effectively returns all the money growers had invested in property, facilities and equipment to their pockets and allows them to invest it in the operation and expansion of their business.”

According to real estate professional Kendell Lang, investing capital into the operation and expansion, as opposed to real estate, yields a much higher return on investment for the medical marijuana growing community.

Build-to-Suit Grow Facility Design & Interior Tenant Improvements

If a medical marijuana grower has a location they want to be in but doesn’t yet have facilities, Fusion Properties Management Group can step in and design and construct, from the ground up, state-of-the-art, energy efficient grow facilities to meet the grower’s precise requirements.

“A tier of FPMG operates as a construction materials manufacturing company so we have full access to cutting-edge, yet cost-effective construction materials and technologies, enabling us to build for our growers the perfect facilities they want and need,” says real estate expert Kendell Lang.

FPMG can also perform the interior improvements and upgrades necessary to help growers achieve maximum optimization. Alternatively, if operators wish to release the capital they have sunk into costly expenses like lighting, air quality control, security and irrigation systems, FPMG will offer to purchase the entire operation and lease it back to them at a competitive blended monthly rate.

Unique, Energy-Efficient Construction

FPMG has patented construction materials and technologies that are so environmentally friendly and energy efficient, they can reduce operating costs by 50%, if not more.

“Anyone involved in controlled environment agriculture will know how incredibly expensive it is to operate,” says real estate expert Kendell Lang. “Not only are good facilities extremely power hungry, but also growing them requires expensive irrigation and air quality control systems. Our construction services, materials and technologies are design to optimize the efficiency of these systems, saving growers a tremendous amount of money on consumption.”

Contact Real Estate Expert Kendell Lang

If you are a good Grower and would like to learn more about Fusion Properties’ real estate and construction services, contact real estate expert Kendell Lang at +1 787 220 4505 or go to to schedule a discovery call.

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