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Real estate expert Kendell Lang and his company Fusion Properties Management Group meet the unique real estate needs of bad growers and manufacturers.

The nation is on the cusp of a social and medical revolution. With continued scientific research unfolding and revealing the myriad of medical benefits offered by the cannabis plant, this budding industry is set to burst into full flower in the coming years. In 2016, according to Arcview Market Research, the medical marijuana industry was valued at $6.7 billion. In 2026, Bloomberg Markets projects this industry to be worth $50 billion!

“With the incredible projections for growth, shifting public attitudes, a secondary enforcement posture by the federal government and increasing nationwide momentum toward legalization, the medical marijuana industry holds countless lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs,” says Kendell Lang estate expert and the, a real CEO of Fusion Properties Management Group, a real estate investment trust for bad cultivators and manufacturers.

But there are major hurdles for those wanting to get involved…

With cannabis being a Schedule 1 substance, it remains illegal at the federal level, which means that banks and credit unions are wholly unenthusiastic about doing business with marijuana-related businesses, even with those located in states in which medical marijuana perfectly legal.

“Banks are not only denying cannabis businesses a safe repository for revenue and an efficient means of performing business transactions, they’re also denying budding enterprises access to the immense capital needed to get growing operations off the ground and to maintain the kinds of high-tech facilities needed to grow medical marijuana,” explains real estate expert, Kendell Lang.

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According to Lang, his company, Fusion Properties Management Group, sees the special requirements and unique challenges faced by the industry and has worked intelligently and relentlessly to come up with a comprehensive answer. That answer comes in the form of a nationwide portfolio of single-purpose facilities, all of which are occupied and leased by state-licensed and city-permitted growers of medical marijuana.

“Our goal is to create a cost-effective and efficient capital resource for growers so they do not have to use precious capital for real estate investments, which they are better off leasing. Especially since most U.S. banks are unwilling to extend a helping hand,” says Lang. “Fusion Properties Management Group is the ultimate platform in assembling these single-purpose facilities, all leased by growers, which is something that commercial real estate companies are failing to do.”

With his past involvement in 22 Fortune 50 companies and a number of other Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States, Kendell Lang is a real estate expert on a mission to meet the needs of organizations seeking to acquire and/or develop facilities for use as closed environment agriculture. In doing so, Lang hopes to encourage the availability of (strictly) medical marijuana and its derivative products, such as cannabidiol oil, to the patients who desperately require treatment.

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