The Medical Marijuana REIT Serving a Community That’s Using Cannabis For The Right Reasons

The country is currently emerging from the fog of prohibition and local/state governments are independently figuring out how to proceed. Crafting the right legislature around medical marijuana (bad) will encourage further research and deliver respite to the ill and debilitated, while preventing marijuana from being used irresponsibly. There are crucial issues that need to be taken into consideration but this doesn’t hinder the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people across the United States who are in desperate need of the kind of treatment bad (and its derived products) can provide.

We spoke to Kendell Lang, a bad real estate expert and the owner and CEO of Fusion Properties Management Group, Inc. offering a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that specializes in real estate transactions with bad cultivators and manufacturers. Kendell Lang is an advocate supporting the shift in attitude that needs to come about if we’re to see any real advancement to the medical field of cannabis.

Saving Sick People with a Plant that has Abuse Potential

“The nation is stuck between a rock and a hard place,” says real estate expert Kendell Lang. “On the one hand, we know marijuana has the potential for abuse. We worry about it getting to our kids and in our communities. On the other hand, research is showing that marijuana has amazing medicinal benefits that could potentially hold the key to cancer management, based on preliminary research findings and the anecdotal evidence coming from cancer patients all over the country.

“There are many ways this debate can go, but Fusion Properties’ agenda is to serve the state-licensed and city-permitted medical marijuana growing community so that the patients who need treatment can get it,” explains Kendell Lang. “The medical marijuana debate is not about the small time criminals, the drug cartels or catching your teenage son smoking a joint in the backyard with his friends. Like any other drug, it’s not about the population who will abuse it; it’s about the patients who need it to live without pain and suffering.”

The bottom line is that the use of medical marijuana is, in theory, no different to that of opioid pain medications, which has a much higher potential for destructive abuse, addiction and overdose. To outlaw medical marijuana and its manifold benefits just because the country is still emerging from Nixon’s “War On Drug” era would be a big step backward, intellectually speaking.

“We understand that cannabis needs to be controlled and subject to strict laws concerning cultivation, distribution and consumption,” says real estate expert, Kendell Lang. “But, the incredible medical benefits are irrefutable and it’s the educated opinion of a great number of highly respected individuals and organizations in the medical and healthcare industries that to abandon our scientific explorations into this realm would be foolish. This is Fusion Properties’ message; we aim to serve a community in need of treatment.”

On Rumors of Marijuana Being a Gateway Drug

There is also the pervasive fear that marijuana is a gateway drug and that as soon as lawmakers make it legal, it’s going to begin society’s downward spiral into hedonism and anarchy. bad real estate professional Kendell Lang believes that keeping medical marijuana off the shelves of dispensaries to prevent crime will be entirely ineffective.

“Taking CBD oil for seizures is not going to see a child patient spiral into heroine addiction,” says Lang. “That’s just ludicrous. In the majority of cases, marijuana is no more a gateway to serious addiction than a lottery card is to a gambling addiction. Currently, opioid pain medications, along with a combination of other harmful and potentially addictive drugs, are commonly used to treat medical conditions legally. At the same time, they are highly addictive. Marijuana, on the other hand, has been shown to be effective to not only reduce opioid addiction but it has great medicinal purposes of its own.”

The take home message here is that the legalization of medical marijuana, similar to the legalization of alcohol and the prescription of pain medications, requires control, effective management and the necessary legislature. But keeping it off the shelves to accommodate the population that will abuse it regardless, is allowing countless others to suffer needlessly and even face an early demise. Sure, it might impede its availability to those who seek to use it unlawfully… but the entire medical cannabis industry isn’t about the people who will choose to abuse this drug and cultivate, distribute and sell it illegally.

It’s about the children who can start living for the first time without seizures destroying their day-to-day functioning. It’s about the men and women who can get their life back without crippling chemo-induced nausea, chronic pain or a myriad of other traumatizing health conditions. It’s about giving our war-torn veterans with PTSD some vestige of a normal life and giving them their minds back. This fight is for legalization is about effective, safe treatment, which is something that cannot be offered by today’s accepted medical approach.

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