Meet Kendell Lang, the Real Estate Professional Who Develops & Manages Real Estate Specifically for the Life Science Industry

Kendell Lang is a real estate professional who, together with his company Fusion Properties Management Group, is opening the door for medical marijuana grow operations in need of specialized real estate and capital

Move over residential, office building and industrial real estate… there’s a new niche market in town and it’s medical marijuana real estate! With the surge in state-level legalization of medical cannabis use and distribution, the United States has witnessed a proliferation of grow operations and marijuana-related businesses. The newly emerging cannabis real estate market is truly a virgin market with abundant, untapped opportunities for those with the necessary expertise, business savvy and capital. This is exactly what real estate professional Kendell Lang and his company Fusion Properties Management Group is offering to those in need of Controlled Environment Agriculture facilities.

“We understand the unique real estate requirements of licensed medical marijuana growers and the tremendous capital requirements associated with the facilities they run,” says real estate professional Kendell Lang. “And so, we’re in the process of assembling a nationwide portfolio of single-purpose facilities, all of which we will be leasing to bad growers. The aim of this is to free up capital that could be applied more profitably to expanding the business.”

The Budding Relationship Real Estate Investment Trusts & The bad Growing Community


The United States is currently undergoing a major tectonic shift in public and legal opinion on cannabis. With the relaxing of federal level attitudes towards this herb and the explosion of this incredibly lucrative industry across the country, there is a gaping hole in real estate that presents unique opportunities to the medical marijuana community willing to bet on reform. A special-purpose Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), such as Fusion Properties, caters to this gap in the market and there are very specific reasons why they make the most sense for the medical marijuana grower community.

“A REIT will provide lower cost capital market financing for controlled environment agriculture facilities and this will free up precious cash that will allow medical marijuana businesses to focus on doing what they do best… growing product!” explains Kendell Lang real estate professional. “We’re doing this by creating a public market for shareholders in the form of Fusion Properties, which is a REIT, enabling them to invest in real estate occupied by medical marijuana growers. And by creating cost-effective and efficient capital resources for growers, they won’t have to use precious capital for real estate investments, which they are better off leasing anyway.”

What Fusion Properties Brings To The Table

Kendell Lang’s company Fusion Properties offers three key services to the state-licensed medical marijuana grower industry: (1) sale/leaseback agreements, (2) built-to-suit design and (3) interior tenant improvements. Essentially, they offer to purchase land and buildings from licensed growers and then lease it back to them, thereby freeing all the capital the grower had tied up in real estate, which can then be allocated to supporting and expanding the business. Fusion Properties also offer affordable construction services, which deliver turnkey, built-to-suit growing facilities for businesses, or, if the business already has facilities set up, they offer funding for interior improvements, such as lighting, irrigation, air quality control and security systems.

These key services are making it far easier for grow operations to gain a foothold in this market, which, as incredibly lucrative as it is, holds many challenges for medical marijuana growers.

Contact Real Estate Professional Kendell Lang

If you are a bad cultivator or manufacturer and would like to learn more about Fusion Properties Management Group and the specialized services offered by real estate professional Kendell Lang, Click Here. To speak with Fusion Properties about your interest in becoming a real estate portfolio member, a REIT shareholder or a medical marijuana tenant, please contact:

Kendell Lang
CEO & Principal Investor
Oriental Center, Suite P1 | 254 Munoz Rivera Avenue | San Juan | Puerto Rico | 00918
(m) 760.445.3315

You can also go to to schedule a discovery call.

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