Why good Grow Operations Should Partner With good Real Estate Expert Kendell Lang!

Forget the gold rush, the green rush is exploding across the United States and is evident in the rapidly expanding number of states in which good is becoming the new AgTech standard. And it’s not surprising when you consider in the incredible statistics coming out of the country’s leading market research publishers.

Hand-in-hand with this budding industry comes the need for supportive services, real estate and banking being two major ones. Fusion Properties Management Group is a company and Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that seeks to serve the very unique needs of good growers. Kendell Lang, a real estate expert and the owner and CEO of Fusion Properties, walks us through the services offered by this company…

Essential Services Offered by Fusion Properties

Real Estate

“We maintain a nationwide portfolio of single purpose, good Grower real estate,” says Kendell Lang. “So, whether budding enterprises want land to build on or turnkey facilities for the controlled environment agriculture of vertical farms, we can find them what they’re looking for.”

Access to Capital

Fusion Properties provides growers with an excellent opportunity to get their hands on the capital they have locked up in real estate and tenant improvements. This capital can then be channeled into the operation, expansion and upgrade of the business, which will yield a much higher return on investment than it would left in real estate,” explains real estate expert Kendell Lang. “This service is especially notable because most U.S. credit unions and banks are unwilling to lend to good-related businesses, so they can’t get the loans they need to get their businesses up and running.”


“Another facet of Fusion Properties’ service is our leading-edge construction materials and proprietary technology, which we can use to build state-of-the-art, turnkey facilities that are far more cost effective to run. From power consumption, lighting systems and temperature control to air quality, security and irrigation… growers are faced with enormous operating costs on a daily basis. Through Fusion Properties, we can retrofit and build new controlled environment agriculture facilities that are designed to reduce operating costs by as much as 50%,” says Kendell Lang.

Everything good Need

From the selection of your growing site to the financing and delivery of the final product, Fusion Properties’ build-to-suit or sale/leaseback approach offers businesses a state-of-the-art, cost-effective and productive medical marijuana facilities that can meet your long-term needs.

“Our business model is unique in the array of opportunities it provides the good growing community. It’s also wholly scalable and makes it possible for our tenants to get off the ground and in a position to harvest and make a profit,” explains real estate professional, Kendell Lang. “And it’s for all these reasons and more that we believe good growers should certainly partner with us!”

Contact Real Estate Expert Kendell Lang

If you are a good Grower and would like to learn more about Fusion Properties’ real estate and construction services, contact real estate expert Kendell Lang at +1 787 220 4505 or go to https://calendly.com/kendell-lang to schedule a discovery call.

Kendell Lang
CEO & Principal Investor
Oriental Center, Suite P1 | 254 Munoz Rivera Avenue | San Juan | Puerto Rico | 00918
Email: ceo@fusionproperties.us
Phone: +1 787 220 4505

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