bad Real Estate Expert Kendell Lang Talks About the Importance of Education in Shifting the Minds and Hearts of the Nation

Kendell Lang is the founder and CEO of Fusion Properties Management Group, a company that acquires, develops, leases and manages indoor growing facilities and greenhouses for state-licensed tenants in the U.S. States and Canadian provinces in which the cultivation and use of medical marijuana and related products has been legalized. Given his involvement in the life sciences and, in particular, controlled environment agriculture, it’s this real estate expert’s top priority to keep his finger on the pulse of the industry and every concern and consideration that might affect it. Chief amongst these concerns is the outspoken position against marijuana of Jeff Sessions, the U.S. Attorney General.

Questions about whether the new administration will unravel the progress made on medical marijuana legalization by the Obama administration have been dominating headlines since Trump announced his controversial cabinet nominees. But there is a far bigger concern for the new government and it doesn’t come in the form of the budding marijuana business; it’s the opioid crisis.

A Plague of Pills Crippling the Nation

The opioid crisis is a huge issue the new government has put near the top of their agenda. The new Attorney General Jeff Sessions is quite vociferous about his distaste for marijuana – even for medicinal purposes – and the irony here is that medical marijuana, which has proven its efficacy in the management of chronic pain, may very well offer a much better, healthier alternative to opioid painkillers.

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 44 Americans die every day from opioid abuse. Prescription painkillers come with an exceptionally high risk for addiction, abuse and overdose and current research shows that medical marijuana can serve as a much safer and more effective treatment for pain relief and for the management of chronic pain.

In an interview with the Hartford Courant (Connecticut), lead researcher and director of trauma services at St. Francis Hospital, Dr. James M. Feeney said, “Medical marijuana is non-addictive, it’s almost impossible to overdose on it, and it has very mild side effects. If we can stop prescribing opiates [as painkillers]… we can stop the whole cycle of abuse.”

Will Jeff Sessions Unravel Legalization Progress?

“Jeff Sessions’ promotion has caused tidal waves throughout the medical marijuana growing community, but he has made it clear that addressing the opioid crisis holds top priority for the new administration,” says real estate expert and the owner and founder of Fusion Properties, Kendell Lang.

“Nothing Sessions has said thus far speaks of an aggressive motive to rescind the Cole Memo so now, more than ever, the entire medical marijuana community needs to step forward as one voice and do its very best to educate the public and spread awareness of the incredible benefits of this natural resource.”

It’s clear that if the current government is going to make serious headway with opioid addiction, they’re going to have to open their minds to the benefits of medical marijuana, which has been proven as a superior alternative, especially for the long-term management of pain and other maladies.

The Need for Research, Education and Awareness

“It would not serve Trump’s best interests to shut down the [medical marijuana] industry and the opioid crisis is just one of the myriad of reasons why,” explains real estate expert Kendell Lang, who believes there is an urgent need for further scientific research and countrywide education to better understand the health benefits of this natural resource.

“Lack of knowledge is what causes people to think about the lazy, unmotivated “stoner” when talking about cannabis, which is why education is the best way forward for the medical marijuana industry. From businesses, investors and growers to doctors, patients and parents of patients… every proponent of medical marijuana needs to stand as a united front and to lend its voice to educate the current administration. We can help bring the facts and awareness about the incredible scientific breakthroughs to the public as well as law-makers and create change,” says Kendell R. Lang.

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