Innovative Construction Materials


Fusion Manufacturing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fusion Holdings, Inc., the parent company of Fusion Properties, Inc. is actively manufacturing, marketing and selling proprietary technologies associated with building construction and Intellectual Property to developers, governments and general contractors in the United States as well as globally. Sales efforts along with construction support services are an integral part of our program.

Fusion Manufacturing, Inc provides a compelling opportunity associated with introducing proprietary construction materials and technologies to good in the United States. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way growing facilities and retrofitted growing structures are built with the elimination of steel rebar.

The Company owns or controls distribution in several markets, proprietary and non-proprietary building materials and systems that can positively impact the operations of good, including the creation of state-of-the-art stabilized structured water for commercial use. The Company has established and continues to develop relationships and strategies to introduce the products, technologies, and services globally.

Thermal Insulation

One of the largest monthly operating costs for growers, in some cases more than staff budgets, is the cost associated with temperature control and lighting. The power consumption associated with maintaining environments is critical to a profitable growing operation.  Traditional warehouse conversion landlords and even new construction developers do not typically attempt to provide solutions for reducing operating expenses.  Fusion is unique in that we consider high-efficiency as the end-game.  We believe more growers will want to occupy our properties because we care about helping reduce monthly operating costs.  We do this by being willing to invest in new construction materials and thermal insulation technologies which give our tenants significant cost savings.

Premium Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins represent a resin development step that offers greater utility and performance than polyester resins when considering thermal coating. Premium Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins take advantage of having epoxy molecules within the backbone of our proprietary thermal coatings. The toughening effect of our Premium Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins modifications provides better resistance to micro-fracturing, promotes greater resin to fiber bonding, and has negligible, if any, shrinkage.

  • Light Weight: Premium Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins are about 20% of the weight of steel. Structures based upon these resins can be designed to offer higher strength per equal weight of steel. This is known as the “Strength to Weight” ratio or structural efficiency.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Premium Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins have tremendous corrosion resistance to a wide variety of chemicals; resulting in long-term structural integrity of the resulting part.
  • Heat Resistance: Premium Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins have greater Heat Resistance than commonly used thermoplastic corrosion resistant resins, such as PVE and HDPE.
  • Thermal Conductivity: Premium Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins can be used with a wide variety of reinforcing materials to produce structures up to 200 times less thermal transfer than similar steel or concrete parts.