Warehouse Indoor Grow Facilities


For years patients licensed to use and grow marijuana for medical purposes have been growing in small indoor grow rooms. Warehouse production of marijuana on a commercial scale is the natural progression from the small grow rooms to professional legal facilities concerned with producing consistent top quality cannabis.

Conversion of Warehouse & Industrial Facilities

The integrated growing solutions provided by Fusion Properties have been designed by combining over 35 years of experience with technologically advanced automated agricultural production and the in-depth knowledge of seasoned growers and plant scientists.

If you are looking to build a new warehouse for the purpose of growing marijuana Fusion can supply you with facilities that range from plastic or glass greenhouses, to custom designed “Build-To-Suit” new facilities that can be steel or concrete tilt-up. When you start from scratch, bringing Fusion into your team at the very start makes sure every detail is coordinated.

Fusion can also accommodate growers who are renting existing warehouse space by purchasing the property from your existing landlord and then reimbursing you for the investment you’ve made in tenant improvements and giving you one blended lease rate. We can reimburse you the costs of grow benches, lighting, air filtration/circulation systems, computerized climate control systems, irrigation, de-humidification, and any improvements that are fixed to the property.

Here is the 420 on Growing Marijuana in a Warehouse:

  • A warehouse environment provides the cannabis grower with maximum control, and therefore the most reliable consistent marijuana crops can be produced in a properly designed warehouse grow room.
  • Without natural light, warehouse grow rooms depend on intelligent grow lights which need to replicate the parts of the sunlight spectrum that the marijuana plants need at each stage of growth. Lighting is a key component in an integrated system.
  • Air filtration and circulation systems are essential for controlling heat buildup, and eliminating exhaust odors. It is critical that the air circulation in a marijuana warehouse is designed in conjunction with the grow lights because lighting systems emit large amounts of heat.
  • There are various irrigation systems for growing marijuana appropriate for growing in a warehouse: including drip irrigation, hydroponic flood benches, or trough benches.
  • The irrigation system should be designed in conjunction with a nutrient management system for maximizing the production yield of the cannabis plants.
  • The brains of the complete marijuana growing system whether a warehouse grow op or a greenhouse production facility is your environmental computer. The computer control systems for a marijuana warehouse control and monitor all the nutrients, lights, air circulation, and irrigation needs of the plants, designed to maintain the exact environment needed for as many different growing rooms, cloning rooms, flowering rooms as you need. With the right system, all of this can be conveniently run from your smartphone.
  • Custom made benches (growing tables) that not only maximize the efficiency of your growing space, but that are made of materials that are compliant with all regulatory or health code requirements, or the local code that you need to meet.
  • De-humidification to optimize your growing environment.
  • Computer controlled CO2 injection and monitoring.