We are looking forward to evaluating your project and have put together this online submission form to help you pull together all the pieces we’ll need in order to get started. Once we have a complete submission from you, we will be able to give you a “go” or “no-go” decision. In the event that we give you a “go” decision, we will issue a Commitment Letter which spells out the terms and conditions under which we will proceed with your project.

Please make sure to fill out the form as completely as possible. Make sure to attach all relevant documents which can help us understand your specific project. If you have any questions prior to filling out the form, please call 866.347.3321 and you will be connected with one of our Project Acquisition Managers.


PROJECT Due Diligence Documents to be Requested by Fusion:
Land Purchase
Escrow agreements
Purchase agreements and/or option agreements to purchase the Properties
Development Plans
Evidence of development plan approvals
Zoning and permitting for the Properties
Master Plan or CUP Plan
Financials and Budget
Detailed budgets
Current property tax bills
Assessor’s statements of current assessed value
Request for Proposal (RFP or RFI for General Contractor bids)
Copies of all GC bids and submissions
Title Policies / Surveys
Most recent issued policy of title insurance together with copies of all listed exceptions
Current draft policy of title insurance.
Most recent surveys
Environmental reports, including those generated by third parties, Soils Studies or Hazardous Material Reports
Property Marketing Brochure
Property Photos
Assessor’s Parcel Map or Plot Map
Google Earth coordinates (lat/long)
Infrastructure Reports (streets, curbs, gutters, water, sewer, gas)
Architectural Drawings (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, elevations)
Architectural Renderings
Plans and specifications for the development / redevelopment of the Properties
Site Plan
Materials List for all proposed Construction Materials
Tenant Improvements (manufacturer equipment spec sheets with power consumption)
Air control/humidifiers
CO2 units
Irrigation System
Lighting System
Grow Tables
Power Supply/Transformer/Step down requirements
Backup Generator/Alternate Power Supply
TENANT Due Diligence Documents Requested by Fusion:
General Company Information
An entity structural chart, including all subsidiaries, affiliates, parent companies and ultimate beneficial owners
All Board, committee and stockholder minutes and/or consents
Organizational documents for all entities listed in Item 1.a.
Schedule of states and jurisdictions where qualified to do business for all entities listed in Item 1.a.
Schedule of banks with which the company has accounts
General description of the lines of business for the entities listed in Item 1.a., including general business description; approximate sales and net income for the past 2 years and year to date; and location
Tenant Corporate Entity
Articles of Incorporation
By-laws and Operating Agreement
Minutes and Motions for Banking Resolutions
Dunn & Bradstreet listing
Financial Information
Unaudited financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement) for the year to date and audited annual financial statements to the extent available for the past 3 years (including related financial footnotes)
Accountants’ letters to management for the year to date and the past 3 years
All loan/credit agreements, security documents, letters of credit, indemnity letters and guarantees to which the company (or any of the entities in 1.a.) is a party (including intercompany loans)
Financial projections or internal budgets prepared by the company for the year to date and the past 3 years
All documents pursuant to which the Company is a guarantor or is otherwise contingently liable for the obligations of another entity
All projections and business plans for the past 3 years, the current year and any available later periods
Any investor presentations or other materials provided to investors in the past 3 years
All income tax returns for the past 3 years
Status of present or past tax audits
All correspondence concerning taxes involving any taxing authority for the past 6 years
Management Information
Schedule of officers (and their titles) and directors
Biographies on officers and directors, including reasonable detail regarding management’s and the Board’s experience in the cannabis industry
All current insurance policies, including schedule of broker, limits, retentions and coverage basis for each
Any notice of cancellation, termination or non-renewal or denial of liability under any policy
Loss information for the past 5 years under any insurance policy
Evidence of current licensing to cultivate and/or process cannabis under the applicable state/local cannabis laws
Any policies with respect to regulatory compliance of state/local cannabis laws, rules and regulations
All pending or threatened litigation and other claims (judicial, administrative and arbitration) by or against the company or to which the company is a party
All judgments or decrees to which the company or any of its properties is subject
All notices and correspondence received from any governmental agency alleging any violation of law, rule or regulation, including those relating to any applicable state or local cannabis law, rule or regulation
Any litigation concluded during the past 3 years with a description of the disposition
Emergencies and Hazards
Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption Plan
Security Plan
Physical on-site armed security
Video surveillance
Physical barrier security
Submitting this form does not imply approval by FPMG. The submission of this information is for convenience only and FPMG has no responsibility to respond. All information submitted will be held pursuant to our Confidentiality Policy.