Real Estate, Capital and Marketing Services: Real Estate Professional Kendell Lang Caters Comprehensively To bad Needs

One of the greatest obstacles in the path of the burgeoning medical marijuana industry is the fact that, while medical marijuana has achieved legal status in more than half the U.S. states, it is still considered a Schedule 1 substance. The current category makes it illegal at the federal level, so banks are reluctant to offer their services. Because of this and the labyrinth of laws and restrictions placed on marijuana-related businesses and grow operations, sourcing capital and real estate (and capital for real estate) have proven extremely steep challenges for the industry.

The result is that more operations fold than those that prosper.

Single Purpose Real Estate for Medical Marijuana good

There are those rare individuals that see a solution for every problem. Kendell Lang, a real estate professional from Del Mar, California, takes it one step further: he sees a profitable solution for every problem. His answer to the capital and real estate problem facing the medical marijuana industry is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) through Fusion Properties Management Group of which Kendell Lang is the founder and CEO.

Fusion Properties caters comprehensively to the real estate needs of the medical marijuana growing community by offering them a vast, nationwide portfolio of single purpose real estate. And, of course, that purpose is the controlled environment agriculture of medical cannabis.

Turnkey Facilities and Access to Capital

This is not all Fusion Properties does. Real estate professional, Kendell Lang, also networks with a construction materials manufacturing company that offers proprietary technology. This powerful resource is put towards building fully equipped, turnkey grow facilities or upgrading existing spaces affordably to meet strict industry standards with sophisticated solutions.
“Our goal is to provide medical marijuana farmers and companies with the real estate and facilities they need to perform their craft,” explains Kendell Lang.

Another pervasive industry challenge is access to capital, or rather a lack thereof. With most U.S. banks reluctant to extend their services to an industry that is based on an illegal substance at the federal level, marijuana-related businesses struggle to get their hands on the capital they need to fuel their enormously expensive grow operations.

“Power, irrigation, security, farming equipment, staff… medical marijuana grow operations cost a lot of money to run efficiently and profitably,” says Kendell Lang. “What Fusion Properties does is offer to purchase our client’s real estate and then rent it back to them at a rate they can afford. This frees up all that capital, which they can then channel back into their grow operations.”

Marketing Firepower

Providing real estate, construction, tenant improvements and access to capital for turnkey grow facilities, Kendell Lang, founder and CEO of Fusion Properties, has covered all the bases as far as servicing the medical marijuana industry is concerned. But Kendell is also a social media keynote speaker with more than a decade’s experience in digital and social media marketing.

“Our success lies in our tenants’ success so we do everything we can to help them run the most profitable business they can,” says Kendell. “This is why we are very happy to support the design of an effective social media marketing strategy to establish their brand and outshine their competitors.”

With just about every service a budding medical marijuana enterprise will need under one roof, Fusion Properties Management Group is set to become the nation’s first one-stop shop for success.

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