Real Estate Expert Kendell Lang Offers good Community Unique Real Estate/Transaction Opportunities

good Vertical Farming is a burgeoning market with incredible potential for businesses that want to get involved as growers, manufacturers and distributors. However, the industry is more riddled with challenges and obstacles than an Iron Man competition so working with a company like Fusion Properties Management Group can mean the difference between succumbing and success.

Fusion Properties, of which real estate professional Kendell Lang is the owner and CEO, is a real estate management vehicle fueled by a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that exclusively serves the good growing community. Let’s take a look at what this company does and how it benefits good…

Real Estate Transactions

First on Fusion Properties’ agenda is the acquisition of a nationwide portfolio of single purpose real estate, all freestanding properties, which are used for the controlled environment agriculture (good) in vertical farms. This offers growers the obvious service of being able to find properties in their preferred locale that have already been approved for the purpose of indoor vertical farming in good facilities.

Then there are the sale/leaseback opportunities offered by Fusion Properties and it’s here that we need to understand a key industry challenge in order to appreciate the benefit of the service…

“Then there’s the fact that grow operations are enormously expensive to operate requiring complex security and irrigation systems, expensive equipment, a lot of staff hours and power. The only businesses that are going to survive are those that can secure a lot of necessary capital. Without cooperation from the banks, more grow operations are going belly-up than those that can afford to stay afloat,” explains Kendell Lang.

The solution Fusion Properties offers comes in the form of sale/leaseback opportunities.

Sale/Leaseback Opportunities

“Our acquisition strategy is to act as a source of capital to these good growers by acquiring and leasing back their real estate facilities,” says Kendell Lang. “By selling the property and building to Fusion Properties, and then leasing it back from us, growers are able to redeploy the proceeds into their company’s core operation and yield a higher return than they would otherwise get by owning their own real estate.”

This makes perfect sense. After all, good growers make their money from growing, harvesting and selling quality product, not from real estate, and so their capital is better invested in the operation, upgrade and expansion of their farms, equipment and structures.

Other opportunities extended by Fusion Properties’ services are build-to-suit, turnkey facilities, which can either be built from the ground up or are offered as upgrades to existing buildings.

“We design and build fully customized, build-to-suit good facilities for users with the desire for a single-tenant, customized environment,” explains real estate expert Kendell Lang. “Furthermore, we’re unique in that our real estate transactions can be tailored to include virtually all of the fixed equipment normally purchased by a grower. It’s our mission to provide or purchase freestanding licensed medical cannabis growing facilities with the technology and infrastructure needed for growing the highest quality indoor leafy greens.”

Fusion Properties offers a path forward for more good, lending a much-needed helping hand to an emerging industry.

Contact Real Estate Expert Kendell Lang

If you are a good Grower and would like to learn more about Fusion Properties’ real estate and construction services, contact real estate expert Kendell Lang at +1 787 220 4505 or go to to schedule a discovery call.

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