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Controlled Environment Agriculture (“good”) is a booming, multi-billion dollar industry that is, “arguably the fastest growing industry in the world.” With more and more published scientific and plant research attesting to the efficacy of this indoor vertical farming solution, the financial forecasts for this industry are astonishing.

Vertical Farming Market was valued at USD 3.12 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 16.77 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 23.28% from 2020 to 2027.

The rise in awareness about sustainable farming due to an increase in urbanization and less availability of fertile land, due to increased urbanization is one of the prominent driving factors for the market growth. The increasing preference for locally grown food with higher nutrients in the urban areas supplements the growth of the Vertical Farming Market. The Global Vertical Farming Market report provides a holistic evaluation of the market. The report offers a comprehensive analysis of key segments, trends, drivers, restraints, competitive landscape, and factors that are playing a substantial role in the market!

Vertical farming can be defined as a practice of producing food on vertically inclined surfaces instead of farming vegetables and food on a single level, such as in a field or a greenhouse. Through this method, foods are produced in vertically stacked layers commonly integrated into other structures such as a skyscraper, shipping container, or used warehouse. The modern ideas of vertical farming are focused on controlling all environmental factors by utilizing indoor farming techniques and controlled-environment agriculture (good) technology. The artificial control of light, temperature, humidity, and gases makes producing foods & vegetables indoor possible. The primary goal of vertical farming is to increase the production of crops in a controlled space.

Vertical farms are classified as a form of controlled environment agriculture and further categorized into three types. The first type of farming refers to the construction of tall structures with several levels of growing beds, that are lined with artificial lights. The second type of vertical farming takes place on the rooftops of buildings (such as commercial and residential structures), while the third type of vertical farming takes place in a multistory building. It provides a favorable environmental condition for the growth of fruits and vegetables and non-edible plants. Vertical farming strives to ensure sustainability by addressing food security issues to the growing urban population. Vertical farming can also feed more people than traditional farming, as they are capable of growing 75 times more food per square foot. Vertical Farms does not use pesticides & fungicides, and by controlling plant fertilizing, the food produced is highly nutritious compared to traditional farming. Furthermore, indoor farms use 90 percent less water than outdoor farms, so having a wet or dry season doesn’t matter.

Vertical farming technologies are still relatively new. Companies are focused on producing crops at scale, making it economically feasible to meet the growing food demand. In some environments such as the Middle East region, for instance, use solar energy to power LEDs at low cost without covering out other farmland. At present, virtually all vegetables are imported into the country, so growing crops through this method is a big win.

And it’s these businesses to which real estate professional Kendell Lang extends the services of a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), provided through his company Fusion Properties Management Group (FPMG).

About FPMG & the REIT Opening the Door to the good Growing Community

FPMG is a real estate management vehicle for a REIT that serves good growers and cultivators. Through its nationwide portfolio of single purpose real estate, FPMG is able to provide growers with prime land upon which they can build and operate controlled environment agriculture (good) facilities for the cultivation of medical marijuana. FPMG also functions as an investor and offers sale/leaseback agreements to growers whose capital would yield a much higher return on investment were it not locked in real estate and expensive facilities, equipment and upgrades.

The third facet of the services real estate expert Kendell Lang offers through FPMG is construction and with the company’s vast supply of proprietary technology and state-of-the-art construction materials. This gives FPMG the unique ability to deliver fully equipped, turnkey growing facilities and greenhouses with designs that are not only cutting-edge, but also extremely energy efficient (and environmentally friendly) and can save growers as much as 50% on traditional costs.

“We begin every project by analyzing the grower’s needs. We want to know what your goals are, what you need and the challenges you’re trying to overcome,” explains real estate professional Kendell Lang. “Once we intimately understand your situation, which will be facilitated over the course of several planning meetings, we’ll tailor a solution that meets every nuance of your specific requirements. It’s a collaborative effort between your team and our construction, financial, and real estate experts.”

With a degree in biology, decades of experience in special purpose real estate and having pioneered the very first Life Sciences / Biotech REIT, BioMed Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: BMR), Kendell Lang is passionate about servicing the medical marijuana growing community. Lang feels that FPMG is the perfect vehicle through which this community can receive the funding they need to achieve fantastic heights of success.

In January 2016, BioMed Realty Trust was acquired and taken private by Blackstone Real Estate Partners for $8 Billion, which you can read about here.

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