At Fusion Properties, our goal is to help the owners of hoarder homes by offering to pay for the elimination of the cause and restore properties to their full potential. We purchase salvageable homes that we then renovate and remodel, which helps create an easier transition for the collectors to relocate and start fresh.

We partner with decontamination and disinfection service providers to improve properties, neighborhoods and living conditions; we use the utmost discretion, privacy and ease to help facilitate the transition.

The benefits to the homeowners are that we are cash buyers, close within 30 days, and we will pay up front for the decontamination work to be done so they don’t have to bear the expense. 

Fusion Properties:

  • Pays for the elimination of the cause and full decontamination
  • Will Purchase the property “As-is”
  • Pays for full restoration of the property
  • Is a cash buyer
  • Does not require the Homeowner to list the home or go to auction
  • Can close within 30 days

We do not need to interface directly with the homeowner if the circumstances do not permit. We are always sensitive to the needs of the homeowner and/or occupant.

For more information, please contact:


Kendell Lang – CEO Fusion Properties

Lisa Jander – Director of Operations/Residential