Our Sustainability Mission Statement:

Fusion Properties is committed to the sustainable design, development and operation of our controlled environment agriculture (good) real estate portfolio. As a leader in our industry, we strive to create work environments that limit resource consumption, improve building performance and promote human health and productivity. We recognize that every business decision has a potential impact on our environment, and we are committed to understanding and reducing these effects. We believe that high performance buildings and environmentally responsible business operations are not only good for the planet, they create value for our tenants, shareholders and employees.

Our Overarching Sustainability Goals

  • Fusion Properties is committed to obtaining LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for all new ground-up development projects and many of our major core and shell redevelopment projects.
  • To be an industry leader in sustainability and high performance good buildings.
  • To achieve a high performance good portfolio; demonstrating improved performance year over year in resource consumption and a targeted Energy Star portfolio average of 75+.
  • To integrate sustainable business practices as a part of our core business operations and decision-making processes.

Our Sustainability Policies

  • All new construction office buildings will achieve LEED Silver minimum certification.
  • All new construction industrial buildings will achieve LEED certification where feasible, and when not feasible built using the maximum amount of sustainable features.
  • All cleaning products must be Green Seal certified in all portfolio properties.
  • We will use only low/no VOC paints and finishes in our portfolio properties.
  • Paper, cardboard, aluminum/metals, plastics, glass, fluorescent light bulbs and batteries should be recycled as feasible in all portfolio properties.
  • All Fusion managed buildings will be benchmarked in Energy Star Portfolio Manager.
  • All capital expenditures should be made using our Sustainable Cap-Ex Guidelines.
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