Three Reasons Medical Marijuana Grow Operators Need To Work With Real Estate Professional Kendell Lang!

The legalization movement for medical marijuana is gaining increasing traction across the United States and, with Bloomberg Markets projecting its value to hit the US $50 billion mark in 2026, the cannabis industry holds incredible potential and opportunity for those with the passion, capital and determination to jump aboard. The path to success is, however, littered with substantial obstacles. Medical marijuana grow operations are expensive to establish, run and maintain and with most U.S. banks giving marijuana-related businesses a wide berth, many of these businesses have gone belly-up before they’ve even had a chance to compete in the market.

Fortunately, there is a solution now available through one Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), the brainchild of real estate professional Kendell Lang, which is not only revolutionizing the real estate landscape, it’s also catapulting state licensed medical marijuana grow operations to heights of success that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

REITs: Offering a Path Forwards for Medical Marijuana Grow Facilities

Kendell Lang is the founder and CEO of Fusion Properties Management Group, a real estate company that’s offering more than just a helping hand to medical marijuana companies…

“Finding real estate that can legally be used for the cultivation of medical marijuana, even in states where it’s legal, is exceptionally challenging and this is only the first of many, many obstacles,” explains real estate professional Kendell Lang. “At Fusion Properties, it’s our goal to establish a comprehensive nation-wide portfolio of single purpose real estate, making it easy for bad businesses to source the land and facilities they need to establish grow operations.”

Access to real estate that meets the complex city permit prerequisites as well as the state legal requirements is a major hurdle and Fusion Properties strives to make this an easier process for licensed bad businesses. But this is only the first of many benefits that founder and CEO Kendell Lang wants to bring to the table. Another is the sale-leaseback agreement that can free up the capital these businesses need and cannot get from reluctant U.S. banks.

Freeing up Capital Locked in Real Estate

“Access to capital is a huge problem for most bad businesses,” explains Kendell. “Running and maintaining a grow operation is incredibly demanding and so our REIT is offering marijuana businesses the opportunity to sell their real estate and/or facilities to us, which they can then lease back from us at affordable rates. This frees up potentially millions of dollars, which they can better channel into the production of quality product and focus on the expansion of their business.”

Kendell Lang also says that a branch of Fusion Properties is dedicated to construction materials manufacturing using proprietary technology that allows them to operate at costs that are as much as 50% lower than traditional construction.

“This facet of our services is indispensable really. If we’re going to offer medical marijuana companies comprehensive real estate services we need to be able to build state-of-the-art facilities that meet all city and state legal requirements,” says real estate professional Kendell Lang. “And if a client already has facilities in place, we need to be able to offer them the opportunity to upgrade and optimize their operation.”

These three tiers of service – a nationwide portfolio of single purpose real estate, quick access to capital and affordable, state-of-the-art construction of turnkey facilities – are just a few of the reasons start-up medical marijuana grow operations should seriously consider working closely with Fusion Properties Management Group.

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