Fusion Properties, Inc. specializes in real estate transactions involving the bad (“bad”) Grower industry (cultivators and manufacturers). Fusion Properties is a privately held real estate developer and landlord that understands the unique real estate requirements of licensed bad good and the tremendous capital requirements associated with those facilities. Fusion Properties is assembling a nationwide portfolio of single-purpose facilities, all occupied and leased by bad good. Our goal is to create a cost-effective and efficient capital resource for good so they do not have to use precious capital for real estate investments which they are better off leasing.

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Fusion Properties acquires, develops, leases and manages indoor growing facilities and greenhouses for state-licensed tenants in the twenty-five (25) U.S. States and Canadian provinces which have approved the cultivation and manufacturing of medical marijuana and related products. This highly focused business strategy, coupled with our management expertise, provides significant benefit to the bad Community.

The Licensed Medical Cannabis Industry

Currently, medical cannabis is legal in 24 states and the District of Columbia, and the list is expected to grow with each election cycle. With the increase in state legalization comes the need for high quality indoor grow facilities, making the FUSION PROPERTIES solution critical to the success of the licensed medical cannabis grower.

The market for state-legalized Cannabis is driving one of the fastest-growing sectors of the healthcare industry and the U.S. economy. Today, 54% of the U.S. population has legal access to Cannabis.

In short, our solution is to purchase the land and buildings from the licensed grower and then lease the property back to the grower allowing the grower access to additional capital to support and expand the business.

Sale/Leaseback Opportunities

FUSION PROPERTIES acquires freestanding properties that are used for growing licensed medical cannabis and operated by state-licensed growers. The properties are then leased back to the growers under long-term, net lease agreements. We target growers that have gone through the rigorous state licensing process and have been granted a license in the state where the properties are owned.

Our acquisition strategy is to act as a source of capital to these licensed medical cannabis growers by acquiring and leasing back their real estate locations. By selling the property and building to FUSION PROPERTIES, and then leasing it back from us, growers are able to redeploy the proceeds into their company’s core operation and yield a higher return than they would otherwise get from owning their own real estate.

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Build-To-Suit Opportunities

FUSION PROPERTIES Build-To-Suit – we have a singular focus:  designing, building and operating Controlled Environment Agriculture (good) facilities for the most discerning Medical Marijuana Growing enterprises.   In addition to Sale-Leaseback transactions, we design and build fully customized, build-to-suit good facilities for users with the desire for a single-tenant, customized environment.  From lease execution to final commissioning, we leverage our experience and expedience in delivering the optimized facility for your organization:

  • Complete flexibility to customize all aspects of design, facility size, power density, etc.
  • Geographic flexibility to construct a facility in your desired location
  • Fusion design and construction management capabilities expedite project timeline
  • Leverage Fusion’s scale economies in equipment and labor procurement
  • Unparalleled commitment to special purpose good facilities

Tenant Improvements

We are unique in that our transactions can include virtually all of the fixed equipment normally purchased by a grower.  We are not only going to own the real estate and lease that to your grower, we’re going to own and blend into the lease all the irrigation systems, lighting systems, security systems, solar power, water recycling, grow tables, A/C, chillers, environment control, etc., so we are a unique, turnkey owner in the industry.

Transaction Structure

Through in-depth research and analysis, we identify what we consider to be the top licensed medical cannabis growers that would benefit from financing their properties to raise capital and meet their growing needs. Our research expertise is critical to uncovering opportunities with the most qualified growers. FUSION PROPERTIES acquisition criteria is focused on Sale/Leaseback or Build-To-Suit properties with the following attributes:

  • Net Lease Agreements and Criteria
    • Leases are structured as triple-net leases; in addition to paying monthly rent, the tenant is responsible for the property’s operating expenses such as taxes, maintenance, insurance and structural repairs.
  • Tenant
    • We seek tenants that have gone through the rigorous state licensing process for medical cannabis and have been granted a license to grow medical cannabis.
  • Lease Term
    • Minimum 15-year lease terms years or longer including most of the affixed equipment (Air-conditioning systems, Lighting systems, Grow systems, Irrigation systems, etc.). Sale-Leaseback allows licensed growers to reinvest proceeds into company’s core operation yielding higher returns.
  • Property Type
    • Freestanding licensed medical cannabis growing facilities with the technology and infrastructure needed for growing the highest quality licensed medical cannabis.
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Real Estate

We acquire, develop, lease and manage properties that have been approved by state and local authorities for the specific use of growing medical cannabis.

From site selection to financing, to delivery of the finished project, Fusion’s sale/leaseback or build-to-suit approach results in a facility that meets the long-term needs of our tenants. Our team works together to translate your business needs into facility needs. To speak with FUSION PROPERTIES about your specific situation, please contact:

Kendell Lang
CEO & Principal Investor
1155 Camino del Mar, Suite 521
Del Mar, CA 92014
(m) 760.445.3315


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