Fusion Properties acquires, develops, leases, and manages indoor growing facilities and greenhouses for Controlled Environment Agriculture (“good”) Grow Operators running indoor vertical farms. This highly focused business strategy, coupled with our management expertise, provides significant benefits to the good Community.

Here are just a few reasons why you will want Fusion Properties as your Real Estate Partner:

  1. Experience in specialized real estate requirements
  2. Lower cost of capital – freeing your capital to stay in the business of growing
  3. Proprietary construction materials – lowering your operating costs by up to 50%

Twenty years ago, CEO of Fusion Properties, Kendell Lang was Managing Director of Corporate Real Estate at KPMG Peat Marwick and he saw a convergence of needs across 3 industries; 1) Life Sciences, 2) Real Estate Developers, and 3) Public Capital Markets/Investment Bankers. Life Science companies had capital-intensive real estate requirements that included very expensive tenant improvements which Real Estate Developers were unwilling to fund. Investment Bankers were constantly frustrated with having their Life Science portfolio startups spend millions in brand new equity capital on their tenant improvements.

Mr. Lang saw this opportunity and created the concept, the business plan and organized the acquisition of the initial portfolio which ultimately became BioMed Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: BMR). Mr. Lang consulted with co-founders, Alan Gold and Gary Kreitzer, and together they invented the business of developing and managing real estate specifically for the life science industry. Together they recognized that the life science industry and universities have unique and special requirements for real estate that commercial real estate companies were not providing.

Real Estate Expert Kendell Lang Offers Single Purpose Real Estate for bad good from Kendell Lang – Fusion Properties on Vimeo.

Under the day-to-day management of Mr. Gold and Mr. Kreitzer, that business grew and evolved into one of the leading providers of real estate and real estate services to the life science and university communities. From an initial concept seeded by Mr. Lang, the leadership of Mr. Gold and his management team have proven that a special-purpose REIT was the right vehicle to meet the needs of an emerging market. In January 2016 BioMed Realty was acquired and taken private by Blackstone Real Estate Partners for $8 Billion.

Today, Mr. Lang has seen a similar convergence of needs in the bad. Similar conditions to those experienced by Life Science companies exist today where good need specialized real estate facilities with expensive fit-out requirements and the solution is why Fusion Properties was created. Fusion is providing a lower cost solution for blended-rate lease payments for good that include both the traditional real estate, as well as the majority of the tenant improvements.

In addition to the basic economics of Sale/Leaseback transactions or the unique ability to custom-design a Build-To-Suit facility, Fusion brings leading-edge construction materials into the equation to help address the reason why indoor grow facilities cost so much to operate on a monthly basis, power consumption.  From the lighting systems to the air quality and temperature control, power consumption represents a huge cost factor for good.  Fusion is dedicated to retrofitting and building new facilities using new technologically advanced construction materials to cut those operating costs by as much as fifty (50%) percent!

From site selection to financing, to delivery of the finished project, Fusion’s sale/leaseback or build-to-suit approach results in a facility that meets the long-term needs of our tenants. Our team works together to translate your business needs into facility needs.

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